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even under that girl's skirt!


just some of the japanese openings and endings of the poke-ani


  • (Mezase Pokémon Masuuta)Japanese by Pokemon
  • 08 Type Wild by PokemonOSTMusic
  • OST Pokemon by OK (Pokemon GEN 2 Theme Song)
  • Pokemon- TV Theme Song (Full) by Pokemon
  • Pokemon Ending by Nyaruko San
  • I Won't Lose ~Haruka's Theme~ by Kaori
  • Pokemon Together by OP
  • Kimi no Soba de ~Hikari no Theme~ by Megumi Toyoguchi
  • Summerly Slope by Briter
  • 02 - Kokoro no Fanfare by PokemonOSTMusic
  • colored Arch by Seven
  • Pokémon XY Mega V_Volt by flaviogomes23
  • Mad by Pokemon XY Opening 3
  • The Day A Rainbow Was Born by Thông Bùi
  • Pokemon Movie Heroes by Secret Garden
15 tracks
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