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i ship you with....


i 100% support self shipping here's a playlist to prove it

yes this mix full of all your favorite vocaloid love songs you liked back in the 7th grade while you shipped yourself with your favorite animu crush

but hey who am i to stop you?

now you go,go be in love with your fictional husbando/waifu bc you two are my otp <3

  • Wonderland by Monday
  • Mr. Music by Vocaloid
  • Dreamin Chuchu (Hatsune Miku Youtube Page) by Megurine Luka
  • Hatsune Miku Leave In Summer Yet Youre In My Fluffoughts by MadameHalcyon
  • Oster Project kaito morning call by Toby4210
  • Miracle Paint by Hatsune Miku
  • A solution for Jelousy) by Yakimochi No Kotae (ヤキモチの答え
  • SPICE!~ by Len Kagamine
  • レンラクマダー? (feat. 鏡音リン) by ライブP
  • One of Repetition by Hatsune Miku
10 tracks
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