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my wam bamb madam!!

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baby angel

idk what this playlist is rip

sorry this was gonna be a kickass playlist but it turned into weeaboo shit again

but it's for blue bc i love her

edit: removed two tracks and added two new ones

  • Prom Night by Anamanaguchi
  • Fallen Angel by Panty and Stocking
  • Dream Eating Monochrome Baku 」 ENGLISH 歌ってみた 【 pickle131 】 by 「 夢喰い白黒バク
  • 炉心融解 by 鏡音リン・レン feat. 下田麻美
  • Lie [by Circus P] (Cover) by JubyPhonic
  • ピアノ x フォルテ x スキャンダル by OSTER project
  • Stolen Moments by Q;Indivi
  • Star On Stars by Sailor Moon Crystal CD Collection
  • Cherry Pie [Makoto's Image Song] by Radio Eternal (SMC)
9 tracks
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