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one day i'll be as strong as you


haha im trash

just a playlist about my new loves form pkmn

rivals wally,silver and N

and trainers Rosa,dawn and Serena

3 tracks for everyone and one last 3 for all of them haha and the songs are in the order i listed above.

  • Disney by Hercules
  • Wally's Battle Theme Pokemon Omega ruby Alpha Sapphire by That Epic Girl Gamer
  • Pokemon- TV Theme Song (Full) by Pokemon
  • Rival Battle Theme (01-01-2011 Remix) by Pokémon Gold & Silver
  • Namida no Kiseki by clear
  • Pokemon Gold And Silver Credits by BilbyBolgo
  • Emotion Battle Theme Remix (New Years Special) by Pokemon Black and White
  • Pokemon Movie 11 Ending: One by Max FireHeart
  • Farewell (Icarius Piano Edit) (Free) by Pokemon: N's Theme
  • Pokemon Black And White 2 Champion Iris Remix by Goodra <3
  • I Won't Lose ~Haruka's Theme~ by Kaori
  • Rival Battle Theme by Pokemon Black and White
  • Kimi no Soba de ~Hikari no Theme~ by Megumi Toyoguchi
  • Lesson 3 Speaking by Rosetta Stone Ltd.
  • Pokemon Black White 2 OST Sinnoh Champion Battle by Nate Conley 1
  • Pokémon XY's Ending Theme by Kiseki
  • X And Y Champion Diantha Remix (By:GlitchxCity) by Tri445
  • Battle Cry (Stand Up) by Pokemon
  • This Side Of Paradise By Bree Sharp by Pokemon- Destiny Deoxys
  • Pokemon Johto Journeys Theme Song Remix by Revivendo a Infancia
20 tracks