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these songs kind of describe n summarize the past few years spent with you, like artists we've seen live together n songs we've talked about etc. i tried to keep the playlist slow n cutesy which was actually quite the challenge since i just HAD to have pvris n chvrches in here hah. thank you for the past two n a half years, you've made my life a 10000 times better and made me actually very very glad to be here. hopefully i make you feel the same way :-) if you ever feel a bit not so okay u can listen to this playlist and remember i love you and am always just a call away (or like ten minutes away if you need me to come over 4 hugs n hot chocolate). i love you beyond words and hope you enjoy the present (even though it's super lame and yes dare i say it, clingy ;-) ) you're my #1 xx

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