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synthesis future


sun inside---artists: Odd Nosdam, Hail Mary Mallon, Carbon Based life forms, red Snapper

  • Crusoe Takes a Trip by Red Snapper
  • Dusk & Umber (ISAN Remix) by isan
  • Snowfall by Sun Glitters x Isan
  • DJ BAKU ft. doseone "VOID it OUT" by DOSEONE
  • Flunk: As If You Didn't Already Know by Flunk
  • Safe Tomorrow (Odd Nosdam remix) by Lali Puna
  • Crook&Flail "Unearthing EP pt.1" by DOSEONE
  • Tycho by Dive
  • Lively Up Yourself (RCola Remix) FREE DOWNLOAD! by RCola
  • Aphex twin me by Drone Rage
  • themselves ft. AesopRock "Know that to know this" by DOSEONE
  • themselves & why? "CANADA" by DOSEONE
  • with landscape sweaters (isan remix) by World bank
  • Biosphere by Zeno Effect
  • Photosynthesis by Carbon Based Lifeforms
  • We Lost Control by Raucherecke
  • 02 Easily Distracted by Dj Mayonnaise
  • Isan Esperanza Base Remix by Valerian Swing
  • Recent Conversation by Autoclav1.1
19 tracks
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