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End it All, Consume Me


For sessions that failed before they began. For players stuck in time, spilling their own blood on the checkered ground over & over, hoping this time will be the last. For godtiers surrounded by the bodies of the justly & heroically slain, envying the peace they've found. For those crying out to end it although there is no one left to hear their screams.

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2 comments on End it All, Consume Me

This playlist is just so much of everything.
The cosmic horror behind the fact that there are so many failed sessions is something I've always wished would be expanded upon in the comic, and this is perfect for that.
There's a real feeling of absolute futility behind every song in here, and I especially love the violins in Monster; they sound like a serenade of the hellfire raining down on the battlefield.

The failed sessions/timelines are some of my favorite aspects too. The fact that at some point the players realize, after fighting & dying & losing so much, that it all meant nothing & they have been rewritten, that they will lose the entire iteration of themselves that lived & grew into Them, that the merciless timeline will destroy them simply for existing, & worse, that some of them are stuck without death suffering over & over again in futility & desperation. It's just horrifying, & one of the most interesting versions of the alternate timeline theory I've read. Anyways, thanks so much for the wonderful and thoughtful comment!