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Children of Keldon


Sons. Daughters. Children. Guardians, that is what you are now. Destined to reclaim what darkness has stolen from you and your forefathers.

A mix for a D&D world in the works known as the Children of Keldon.

20 tracks
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If it's the raven isles you're thinking of, I had to take it down for a bit because 8tracks cut their ties with soundcloud where I got most of the songs. I just need to find some time to track down the songs and republish it.

Where is the other mix that was similar with this. They are so amazing! I listen to them since a few months ago and I really miss the other one :(

I am in love with this mix. I can't tell you how many times I've listened to it whilst writing D&D campaigns! Thanks for a superb playlist! <3