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❀Honey❀ and ❧Peaches❧


i love this show so much im glad my friend showed me it

(theres no particular order to the songs, but each had an episode in mind)

(i may also do maya/ lucas and lucas/ farkle)

10 tracks
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@RosePick in all honesty I cant remember which episodes and some even spanned across a few but: --1. In general riley and maya go through a lot, including fights. Although they always seem to come back together no matter what. ( I an also see this from maya's perspective since she would seem more likely to distance from riley out of feeling inadequate and fear.) --2. they're always making each other smile, "you were getting a's while I was writing fairy tales" and a few other lyrics remind me of the characters and how different they are from each other. --3. again maya feels inadequate. surprise riley is also a teenage dirtbag (rly shes just good at reading people). ---4. dnagerous - maya sweet - riley, they are so used to the other sometimes they forget the other can be so sensitive/ self-conscious (think that episode maya is called short and rileytown). ---5. they have great times together. ---6. again differences between riley and maya and how that affects one another. --7. their times by the bay window when they are just hanging out. --8. a cute song for two cute ppl. --9. "But the best story that I could ever tell Is the one where I am growing old with you." --10. this just reminds me of having a crush on a friend but believing they would never like you like that scenario