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Wouldn't It Be Nice

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just SNuK into this playlist sup iza ;) (guess whooooooo) #it'ssimilarsaturday don't judge my username i keep making the SAME MISTAKES and it was last year so there :P

@isblla what's up bruh I'm just chilling. oh wait. take that back I lost my chill when FOUR CAME OUT!!!!!!!! now I'm burning up yo shaudy fire burning on that dance floor. wo-oaahh. ;) wow this is probably the most regrettable comment ever. like 10 years from now this comment will haunt me. ah well "live while we're young" and all that I suppose (ok send help I need to stop)

@isblla oh and I just remembered course i have 8tracks I was the one who sent you that fab playlist like last year right ? remember?? :)))