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It drives you insane


Kinda nsfw playlist based on the Ao3 fanfic 'Ask for Shouyou' by author Crapso

A little more slow and kinda sad, focuses more on the relationships and feelings in the story ??? (it's v sad okay)

NOTE: 8Tracks keeps glitching and messing up the playlist (adding songs, changing annotations, changing songs, etc.) so if the playlist sounds different than before or a song on the playlist doesn't seem to fit that's why.

last updated: 1/10/16

Fanfic link here:

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13 tracks
4 comments on It drives you insane

I haven't even read the fic yet and this mix gives me such great Oihina vibes oh my goodness. Great mix great mix

Because of this insanely perfect mix, I read Ask for Shouyou, and I loved it. This is truly the perfect playlist for OiHina's relationship in that fic.

@thegreatmisdirect ohmy THANK YOU!!! I'm so happy I inspired you to read this fic that literally ruined my life (oihina is my life and i just ohmyjesus)