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Summer Session

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God damnit anyway! This is greatest summer mix I have ever experienced in my entire life. It's unreal! I get tingles just thinking about this mix. And when the mix is reelin I get so excited that I can barely contain myself. I just go crazy!! It's so fun! And I like fun almost as much as I like this mix. Fun is so fun! This mix is so freakin fun! Whoever put this together is a genius. I mean the way that one song flows into another is astonishing - listen just listen - true brilliance! Indefectable! I bet this prodigal mix-master oozes style. You are like the Einstein of music. God, I love the summer! God I love this mix! Please dazzle me with another clever, hellacious mix. Penetrate my ears with some more of your utterly perfect unmitigated super duper beats! You are downright dynamite!!! Keep it up tiger! Go go go!