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off the map: a mix for adventuresses


A mix for girls who go out. For dragging your best friend to the top of a Mayan pyramid. For days beneath the hot Saharan sun and nights in the shadow of the Arctic Circle. For getting your pretty petticoats dirty. For girls who dare.

[ for Shelly ]

9 tracks
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While solemn solo piano ballads are beautiful songs, sometimes a person needs to listen to the masterpieces that are huge orchestras putting together a bunch of different sounds and instruments to create a great, invigorating piece. You put together a lot of songs I love from pictures I love and despite all being different sounding, they have a lot of the same energy levels and it's an amazing collection all the way through. A variety of sounds while keeping the same energy level. I love this playlist and I will definitely be listening to it again!

This was an awesome playlist. Maybe my favorite adventure one. You picked a lot of great music I'd never heard before.