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American Gods


all songs referenced in Neil Gaiman's American Gods (in order of reference)

a song that couldn't be included because of the artist limit was HELP! by The Beatles

original playlist credit / blogs / 2012 / 11 / the-complete-american-gods-mix-tape

49 tracks
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So perfect! You must have had lots of fun assembling this ^^. When I started searching for American Gods related mixes I thought I'd find fan mixes, not such a thorough soundtrack like this (and I was delighted). About the artist limit, maybe if you misspell The Beatles (in a way it's still legible) you'll be able to add the missing song. Some people do that to avoid the limit. But in any case, thank you for sharing, this is so wonderful!

@Belsan_Empress Ah yes I did have a lot of fun actually! And 8tracks has gotten smarter, even if I misspell The Beatles it still recognizes the band :( maybe next time! And thank you!