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soldier, father, lover, lord

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You really nailed it! The whole playlist. I especially like the heartbreak of the First Time in the context of Hector. Trouble is perfect for Bree - and her relationship with nearly anyone but especially John Grey. Very nicely done.

I agree with you- John Grey is amazing. Ahhh I would be super excited if you made a follow up playlist, I'd be the first to listen to it haha. I've been considering making a John fanmix but in my recent fanmix I had a couple of songs for him, although I would love to make a fanmix just for him. Haha, one day!

@outlandered omg thank youuuu! i am obsessed with lord john - he's the best. i'm thinking of making a follow-up playlist to cover his further adventures in both england and the new world

Listened to this twice in a row so I think it's fair to say I like it :) Very sad that there only seem to be three Lord John mixes, thank you for providing two of them! 8tracks seems to be being its usual glitchy self, and only playing me 10 of the 12 songs? Do you have a tracklist somewhere or anything like that?

@christina.connolly200 first: squee! i'm so glad you like it :) and as always, charmed to meet another ljg fan! second, i went through the tracks and corrected some things, they *should* play now. and the track list is linked above. thanks so much for commenting!!