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little talks

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uaskljfghajshfwjs this is really perfect, like you have no idea how much i am in love with this. this feeds my need and addiction for a fandom and i really love this, thanks bye

woah woah woah you are even cooler. i was looking through your liked mixes and you like Downton Abbey. bless. you are perfect, can i marry you? i thought i was the only one this age who liked it. (i am assuming you are at least within 5 years of my own age, but i may be wrong)

okay i was right about your age and youre a really amazing person (i promise im not a stalker, i just clicked on the link you had in your bio)

also this mix. i hit the limit for how many times you can listen to it within 8 hours, so i had to log into my other account so i could listen to it again. slafjkehwaiufhjsf

you have an excellent taste in music and ugh. Marina and the Diamonds is perfect. and needless to say Fallout Boy. and Hollywood Undead. i cant even. the only thing that would ever be able to make this even more perfect is if there was Margot and the Nuclear So and So's on this mix butsjkf;klajkdsjfkawifjia okayt im going to stop now i love you alot bye