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You're cute when you're menacing xx

  • Take On The World (Girl Meets World Theme Song) by Sabrina Carpenter & Rowan Blanchard
    "Big world." "Ours now?" "Yeah, but my dad did say I had to be home by 5:00." "Don't worry. He wrote you a note."
  • Dreaming by Smallpools
    "Here's what I think is worth fighting for. This is my best friend. She's going to get me into trouble and I am going to get us out of it."
  • I Need You by M83
    "Otherwise, I'm full of hope. You hope for things, you get disappointed."
  • Wherever I Go by Hannah Montana
    "If this is my world now, the first person I want in it is you."
  • 08. Breathe Me by Jasmine-thompson
    "I'm fine believing that nothing much is going to happen for me."
  • WAIT by M83
  • The City by The 1975
  • We'll Be The Stars (RadioDisney First Listen) by Sabrina Carpenter
    "You're gonna save me, aren't you?" "I am."
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