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Civil Rights Movement


Civil Rights Movement, this playlist showcases a few major songs from this time period.

  • A Change Is Gonna Come by It Must Be The Music
    (1964) This song made by Sam Cooke is about how he knows that change is going to eventually come. In the lyrics he states "I go to the movie and I go downtown, Somebody keep tellin' me don't hang around" This shows how they quickly tell him he is not welcome. He sings that he knows that all of this will change.
  • Oh Freedom! by user465991084
    (1963) Made by Odetta Holmes, she sings that the African Americans will gain freedom and that she will die before she will be a slave to the Caucasians again.
  • Mississippi Goddam by Nina Simone
    (1964) Nina Simone, created many songs about the civil rights movement such as this one. This song talks about how she is upset about how people are being treated in states such as Alabama, Tennessee and other states. It is used to point out all of the horrific things done there, such as the church bombing. Also, she points out the school children being in jail and other events
  • Say It Loud by James Brown
    (1968) This song by James Brown, expresses how he is tired of working for someone else. Also, he talks about how all African Americans should be Black and Proud. They can be strong enough to stand up for what they believe in and their goals
  • Pride (In the Name of Love) (live) by U2
    (1984) This song made a year after Martin Luther King Jr. Day was an official day. This song talks about the life of Martin Luther King Jr. and how he was a man of love and not violence. This song is important because it talks about his life and how he played a major role
  • Is It Because I'm Black by Syl Johnson
  • (For God's Sake) Give More Power to the People by Joss Stone
    (1971) Originally made by the Chi-Lites. This song is about how the Caucasian are hogging all of the power and not letting the African Americans do anything. This also contributes to how they gave all the Caucasians the power to vote.
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