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Dance Dance Dance!


This music is common used in latin. Like the chacha, jive, paso doble, samba and rumba.

120 songs you can dance to.
I'm a dancer myself and this music helps my with training and is most common music played in competitions.

120 tracks
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@lau-the-Valiant Yes I've done ballroom as well, I stopped a year ago or so. I know a few ballroom songs so I'll make a list for that as well ;) x

I have been loving this mix since I started listening to it! about half-way through. Do you do ballroom as well, or only latin? Coz I'd love a ballroom list of similar style and proportion!

@khiyas Your welcome, I myself couldn't find any music to practise to (rumba, chacha, jive, etc) and most people don't even know these dances and just like the sounds, but this playlist has multiple functions ;)