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your finals playlist


i know its exam time soon and you should be revising for them so come on, put your earphones in, click play to this playlist and ace those exams

~ this playlist worked in getting me the best grades in my year at high school so take faith in it

14 tracks
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I've been listening to this playlist since I was in high school--- and I'm using it to get through finals week of my sophomore year of college. I have one paper left and I'm kicking its ass. Thank you.

ive been listening to this while doing my art assignment (due tomorrow oops) and i would be stuck on the first question if it wasnt for this mix and im literally like one question away from finishing thankyou so much omg

so i had a D in biology and the only way to pass the class was to get a high C on the exam. i studied for days while listening to this playlist. i wouldve never studied if it wasnt for this motivation. I ended up passing that damn exam. thannnkk youuuuuuu <3