Is this playlist safe for work?
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@Finalay oh my god thank you !! this is actually a weeby companion piece to another upbeat study one i did ( and thats like lit the exact reason i made them oh my god glad it worked !! i find some study playlists so dreary n slow they make me want to take a nap instead of study aha good luck !!

tomorrow I have an exam of the most difficult class of my major! Right now I am at the library studying. I really hope this playlist works :P btw It is a great playlist!!!

The anime gods have blessed me with binan koukou as the first song thank you so much. I love this mix so much this should be illegal (It's perfect for writing characers that are huge weebs too omg) You're the best~

@hatsunemikusama omg tysm thats so nice!! ahh pls dont make my mix illegal i need to feed my family c': ty i hope all ur charas r the perf huge weebs