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Disney MBTI - INFP


Part (1/16) of the Disney Myers Briggs Personality Types playlist series

INFP- A true idealist who always looks for the hint of good in the worst parts of people. They search for ways to make life better. Guided by their principles, INFPs look to honor, beauty, morality and virtue when making decisions. They are led by the purity of their intent instead of reward, and can communicate deeply with others.

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Oh, I love this so much! Baby of Mine is one of my favorite Disney songs, and I was so surprised and glad to see it included in this playlist! :D You did a really wonderful job of capturing the INFP essence! These are all songs that have always resonated with me. :) If you ever add more songs, you should take a look at Hercules: Go the Distance! I've always seen that as my INFP theme song. ;) Thanks so much for making this playlist! Can't wait for you to do ESTJ, as that is what my sister is. We're betting that it's going to have I'll Make A Man Out Of You in it! :P

@cassierose_ Oh, I am so glad you enjoyed it!!! (By the way, you both are right about I'll Make a Man Out Of You being on the ESTJ playlist, very impressed) Much love