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Disney MBTI - INTJ


Part (3/16) of the Disney Myers Briggs Personality Types Playlist series

INTJ- An individual with relentless intellectualism. They are imaginative, decisive, ambitious, private and curious people. With a natural thirst for knowledge that develops in childhood, INTJs are often given the nickname, 'bookworm.' They are proud of their deep understanding of the world around them.

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2 comments on Disney MBTI - INTJ

I love this mix so much...! I have to admit I was a bit skeptical since I wondered why you would choose Remy to represent INTJs, but the music on this playlist is so gorgeous and fitting that!! I have no words for it. Great job!!! ;v;

This is such a cool idea, and I'm disappointed in myself for not thinking of it first. As someone who loves Disney and MBTI, almost nothing is more satisfying than this. I just can't wait for one for INTPs, as that is my MBTI.