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「⊱`⇢ cold as ice; & more bitter than a december」


ONE: misguided ghosts
tr1: a ghost finds a new home
tr2: a reaper takes responsibility of the new ghost
tr3: the ghost leaves to figure things out; comes back to find the reaper dead & gone

TWO: woven & sewn only for you
tr4: the world moves on; the ghost remains stuck yet again
tr5: the reaper, stitched up after his suicide, is granted another chance to see the ghost off, just as promised
tr6: the ghost forgives; the tables are turned

THREE: porcelain
tr7: "reapers don't fall in love with ghosts"
tr8: the reaper starts craving intimacy; the ghost remains cold to the touch
tr9: the reaper takes control; the ghost is starting to get lonely again
tr10: such a dickface
tr11: the ghost thinks about leaving
tr12: it's time to swallow his pride
tr13: it's always been the two of them

13 tracks
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