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Mindful Meditation [Other World]


Took a step back for a second and reflected on music from my past. That sounds a lot more glamorous than it actually is, realistically this is the music I would listen to when I was going through a rough time and wanted to be alone in my closet (literally), or when I was alone all day and had finished cleaning my room so I'd open the windows and blast the music and just lose myself. I realize there's few artists, but that's just what I listen to. Few artists. But nonetheless,
Hope you enjoy♡

  • Telepopmusik by Télépopmusik
  • Venus As A Boy by Bjork
  • Smile (Applescal's Tribute Mix) by Telepopmusik
  • Headlock (Hoodrow Trillson Remix) by Imogen Heap
  • Bjork-Hyperballad-Blue-Lotus-Remix( by Siri Peterson
  • Telepopmusik Don't Look Back (VINK REWORK) by VINK
  • 風の伝説 by DAISHI DANCE
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