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A large field of cirrocumulus stratiformis


A collection of breezy, reverbed spring songs.

Cirrocumulus stratiformis is a type of cirrocumulus cloud. The name cirrocumulus stratiformis is derived from Latin, meaning "stretched out". Cirrocumulus stratiformis occurs as very small cirrocumulus clouds that cover a large part of the sky. This type of cloud always occurs in thin layers. There can be spaces or rifts between the individual cloudlets in the layer.

18 tracks
1 comment on A large field of cirrocumulus stratiformis

I'm glad that I'm not the only one who thinks of cirrocumulus clouds and other such skyscapes when they listen to AC's Aegian Sea. Superb mix here!

@ivan.radoš Well thank you very much, I really appreciate that. All 3 of your mixes here are total gems. I can't wait to hear any and all future mixes from you!