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My Soul Seeks Balance

8 comments on My Soul Seeks Balance

this is SO GOOD HONESTLY my fav mix on this site ......... i listen to it on repeat all the time aaaaaa its so perfect bless you

fdhsjkfhdksh reyes this is great omg............. this is lovely........ gay cyborg son..... fam u fuckin, u frickin did it, its amazing and great...... im just repeating shit now but i love it

ive listen to this mix so many times ahHh it's really amazing how every song fits so perfectly? sound and lyrics. I'm in love

@viperness i spent so much time working on it and piecing it together! I'm actually working on adding in an update with about five more additional songs but im so happy with the way it is right now,,, so i guess we'll find out soon

@ivanberk its been almost a month and im still deeply in love with this mix, you really did an amazing job ahhh, and an update doesn't sound like a bad idea?? it could be like a 'side B' thing