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the subtle grace of gravity


soft songs for sweater weather, for windy fall days with the smell of cinnamon and apples drifting from the kitchen. songs for the chilly winter afternoons where night envelops the sun early and leaves only the twinkle of holiday lights and the soft whites of snow in the distance. close your eyes and let that bracing wind take you and fill you up; close your eyes and let go.

44 tracks
5 comments on the subtle grace of gravity

Hi there! i just wanted to let you know that your playlist has gotten me through some incredibly hard times, and it remains one of my favorites all these years later. Thank you for making it!!!

I probably account for over 100 of the plays for this playlist, haha. Been listening to this beauty ever since it came out

It's middle of summer here, but I'm listening to this mix and it feels like december. Fall and winter are definitely my favorite seasons! Thanks for this mix. It's absolutely perfect! :)