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Take it Slow


Slow jams. Powerful voices.

  • It's has to be you Yesung by nakuruchan
  • Haru Haru by Dạ Tư Vũ
  • 나혼자 (Alone) by Sistar
  • Super Junior Andante by SaeparKYU
  • I Remember Going Crazy by Song Jieun ft. Bang Yongguk & Yang Yoseob
  • 08 로맨틱하게 by starlightsystematic
  • 회전목마 (Feat. 진성 Of 먼데이키즈) by 언터쳐블
  • 라이터를 켜라 (Feat. Young Jay, 산체스 of PHANTOM) by minyuklikesyourdimples
  • Lonely (The Last Live Session) by 2NE1
  • 03 Neorago (It's You) by heemjya
  • 하루하루 by Haru Haru (Acoustic Version)
  • 눈감아줄께 by 블락비
  • 光になってくれ by Block.B
  • 너 밖에 몰라 (One Way Love) by 효린
14 tracks
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