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Close your eyes, get some sleep


Gathered a few tracks which make the whole 'falling to sleep' process a little happier and more relaxed. Includes Newton Faulkner, Damien Rice and Ludovico Einaudi. Hopefully they'll have the same effect on you as they do on me - enjoy!

Happy sleeping! x

14 tracks
7 comments on Close your eyes, get some sleep

I was listening to it being all this is great but i wanna sleep. looked at my clock and 2 hours had passed. thank you!!

This playlist was brilliant, it's not only slowed my brain down during sleep, but has improved my revision with only 1 month left till AS exams. Thank you :)

This mix is fantastic! maybe the best I've ever heard. Really comprehensive and plenty of less known tracks. Great job! :)

If you were wondering why your second mix didnt get many views, it's because of the way the 8Tracks Algorithm works, it favours brand new users, giving them more trend time (so you get hooked and make loads of mixes) it's a shame, but to an extent the quality of the mix's doesnt matter anymore. (this is still a great mix though, dont worry). Keep goin!