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3 comments on King of the Ashes

Love the character and fully expected him to meet his end before series finale, but he deserved a much better ending than what he got. For years, I waited for a shocking twist of wit that would catch us -- and him -- offguard. A tiny oversight in one of his schemes that ultimately blows up in his face. Needing Bran's magic in order to "outwit" him killed any enthusiasm I wanted to feel for Sansa and Arya's triumph. :( Sorry to ramble! I just saw the ep recently and am still seething. Great playlist!

@coltsandquills I absolutely agree! I felt that the writes totally screwed up his characterization, especially in the last season. He practically spent every episode of season 7 twiddling his thumbs and waiting for someone to kill him. At least he's still alive (and ten times cleverer) in the books...