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We apologize for Nickelback.


Various rock or punk-pop artists from Canada. Includes: The Tragically Hip, Marianas Trench and Our Lady Peace

If anyone has any suggestions on what to add, feel free to include them in comments.

Last updated: April 12, 2012

24 tracks
7 comments on We apologize for Nickelback.

What's wrong with them, absolutely nothing. I just had to have fun with the title for a two-fold reason. For some reason people just love to hate them, I think (unscientific and would love to do the research) it's because they seem to manufacture the exact same sounding music. Couple that with it being a formula, while popular it lacks character. So people feel like they just pump it out for money.

Secondly, it's a play on I believe the South Park movie where they have Canada apologize for a number of things, including Bryan Adams. To me if the movie was to be rewritten, Bryan Adams would be replaced by Nickelback.

Thanks, it's funny, I can't think of a more(in)famous band. I figured people have appologized for Bryan Adams whom I like, so I'd update it.

I LOVE the title of this playlist lol, so great! I have 2 playlists with nothing but Canadian artists, you should check them out if you get the chance :)

Arcade Fire, I'm still trying to figure out a song I really like, but they're definitely going to get added at some point (feel free to suggest a specific song). Metric is already up there once, but if I decide to double up on artists, they're near the top, I love Metric. Finally Rush, I'll probably end up adding Tom Sawyer.

Thanks for the suggestions.