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Wished it did not happen as it happened.
Wished we spoke to each other instead about each other
Wished there was dialogue instead leaving it unspoken.
Wished my heart was not shattered in pieces.

Wished that this loneliness vanish.
Wished the nightmares would stop, but it haunts me every night.
Wished that my love for you did not cut so deep, but every day I wake up, it is there.
Wished you did not take everything away from me and left me in my empty shelf.

Wished you did not take away my family, my reason for existing,, my self-respect with you leaving me.
Wished you were as easily replaceable as you had replaced me with.
Wished you did not make all the empty promises to me while I have always kept my, even till today.
Wished there are any words to describe the feelings that I have..

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