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The Cacophony of a Writers Mind


This mix is here for when you are writing. Either describing a character, or a scene, it doesn't matter. There are songs for intense battles, declarations of love, the agony of killing off a character (and ultimately that of the characters surviving characters), scary encounters and more.

Hopefully it'll help you, like it helps me, especially if I'm stuck in a particular scene or description.
Let me know if it does! (As you can see I have an unhealthy obsession with Hans Zimmer...)

58 tracks
2 comments on The Cacophony of a Writers Mind

I love this mix! I am a big fan of Hans Zimmer myself so I thought everything was excellent, I was excited when Mombasa came on. I figured since you like Hans Zimmer so much that it had to be in here somewhere lol. A lot this will actually be a great help when I am writing out one of my protagonist's chapters. Thanks so much for making this!! Great Job!

@TheDreamingGeek You are sooooo welcome! I'm so happy you liked it, ug, HANS ZIMMER. I could not LIVE without him haha. So glad it helped you with your writing, write on friend!