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Fourteen random tracks inspired by Radiohead's new release, 'The King Of Limbs'.

Artwork by talented Cape Town artist Matthew Hindley.

14 tracks
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yeah, thom always has this way of summing up my life in song. the first time i heard radiohead, kid a was playing at this party in pretoria. it changed my musical life!
dassies, huh? over here we have manatees, which are related to the elephant, too! they are my favorite animal, haha... they just float around in the water and eat. what a life!
oh! also check out yesterday's pupil - also awesome SA music.

Ah - somebody with SA experience :)
The little Table Mountain critters are called 'dassies' - and funnily enough, they are related to the African elephant (!)

I too am a HUGE Radiohead fan/devotee.... They seem to always capture the kind of music I'm into at that specific stage of my life... hence this mix :)

Haven't investigated 'Kidofdoom' as yet - thanks for the tip-off !! Will investigate.


I'm a HUGE radiohead fan and used to live in Pretoria from 1999-2004. I've only been to Cape Town once and absolutely loved it... especially those little critters on top of Table Top Mountain? Have you heard of the band Kidofdoom? I used to be really, really good friends with them in the day. If you haven't checked them out, you should! ~m

Thank you L ! Means a lot to me.... especially since you are doing a Masters... Good luck ! Doing mine next year in 'Urban Planning' :) Hold thumbs :P