Jack in the Cube
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The Oncoming Storm


"He moved forward, leaping from table to table, wielding his Shardblade, a god of burning Stormlight and death."
-Brandon Sanderson's 'Way of Kings'
Great For reading, writing, or just daydreaming.
Songs of a Warrior. Scarred, Invincible, Ruthless, and Guilty

Art: "Szeth" by Ben McSweeney

  • Run Boy Run (Original) by Woodkid
  • The Battle For Columbia I by G. Schyman, J. Bonney
  • Drunken Whaler (Triune remix) by Triune'
  • Dishonored (Drunken Whaler Remix Comp Winner) by Chilton
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  • Dragonborn by Jeremy Soule
  • 06 The Kronos Wartet by thescifigirl
  • The Doctor's Theme, Series 4 by Murray Gold
  • We Want War by These New Puritans
8 tracks
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