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Melt Your Ice Cream

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Track 1- From a Doccubus love scene in Lost Girl

Track 2- This has to be the weirdest way I've ever found a song. There's an author on fanfiction.net who suggests songs to listen to while reading their work and this song went along with a Lost Girl Valkubus fic.

Track 3- I think I randomly heard this in an 8tracks list or something, I have no idea. Then I put it on a CD in my car and my girlfriend called it the drrrriiipppping song. So there's that.

Track 4- I think I heard this on a Spotify radio station generated based on Polica or something like that.

Track 5- I have utterly no idea.

Track 6- I know this is from Revenge, and (spoiler) I think it was playing the first time Amanda and Daniel get it on.

Track 7- This is from the US version of Mistresses when (spoiler) Alex makes a move on Joss while she's in the shower. I LOVE this artist, a lot of her work is sensual like this, you should check her out.

Track 8- This was probably featured in a trailer for something sultry.

Track 9- It's weird that I remember this, but I found this song waaaay back in the day on yahoo's internet radio service when her record label was featuring this song's release...I think, or maybe it was on youtube, but I stumbled across it very randomly a long time ago.

Track 10- This is from the episode of Misfits when (spoiler alert) Curtis transforms into a girl and gets down with himself. (Herself?)

Track 11- No idea. Fun song to work out to.

Track 12- Most everything he makes tends to sound really sensual to me and sensuality is the theme of this mix.

Track 13- From another Doccubus love scene on Lost Girl

Track 14- From the excellent Lost Girl promo where Lauren is watching Bo wash her car and her ice cream cone is melting all over her hand. This is where the name and cover image of this mix comes from. This song took me FOREVER to find so I couldn't resist including it here.

Track 15- This is from the Skins series 3 scene where Emily and Naomi go camping by the lake.

Track 16- This is from But I'm a Cheerleader. Haha, can you tell that I am a big 'mo yet?

Track 17- From the infamous lingerie scene in season one of Faking It.

Track 18- From the make out lingerie scene in season one of Faking it.