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Orange is The New Black: Season One


Now that you're done binge-watching and you still have so many feelings, relive the magic with music from the show. See my comment below for where the songs appear.

16 tracks
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1. Featured prominently in the most widely distributed trailer for the show.
2. Well, obviously.
3. In the shower in the first episode.
4. Humorously played at the end of episode one. Alex: I guess now is probably a bad time to say “Hi.”
5. End of episode 2 when Crazy Eyes cops a feel/ holds Chapman’s hand.
6. Walking through the prison in episode 3.
7. End of “Lesbian Request Denied” when Miss Claudette’s pristine floor gets peed on.
8. Beginning of “The Chickening” as everyone gets ready for their Sunday.
9. End of WAC Pack, Piper learns the election results.
10. The glorious, glorious ‘gotta have you right now end of "F*cksgiving" in the chapel Leagues- Walking Backwards
11. End of “Moscow Mule" when it’s revealed that there may be a pregnancy.
12. End of episode 11.
13. Opening scene episode 12 while Piper cleans the bathroom.
14. Final scene episode 12.
15. I'm just being cheeky here, refering both to the line of dialogue and feelings on the show.
16. Still being cheeky.