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living in a devil town

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@jacksonwhipitmore There aren't enough mixes for Mystic Falls, I've been meaning to make one forever and I should really get to it soon. I loved the southern gothic element you put into it though and how you did the individual tracks for the characters (I love how Hurt is the Damon song too because that's been one of my top Damon songs for ages). It's just so perfect.

@burningveins i really wanted to give it that southern gothic element bc i definitely feel like Mystic Falls is the epitome of southern gothic, at least in terms of """teen"""/cw shows. the first three seasons especially, with all their little ~town events~. but yesssssss pls make a mix for mystic falls. i love fanmixes about the towns of my favorite shows, i don't know why. (((also yes Hurt has been my number one Damon song forever too, which is why i knew i just had to add it; it was actually the first character specific song i added)))