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To Flourish


Because sometimes you need a little musical reassurance to assure you you'll live after you've lost at a midnight organ fight.

8 tracks
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Wow that's quite the response there. Nerd... no no just kidding that's an interesting take on it. I think I'll do some investigative listening of my own though, and I may even get back to you on that.

I love that song! Midnight Organ Fight is the album of my favorite band's(Frightened Rabbit) second album! It's said to be a euphemism for sex. However, I've taken it as a fight with your heart and emotions. If you listen to their song "Fast Blood" you can get a better understanding of it. The lead signer is really into complexity and metaphors. Since the entire album is based on one of his serious past relationships; it's good to listen to when you've just gotten out of a serious one. It's almost inspirational. That's why I put "Floating in the Forth" on here; my favorite line is "I'll steer myself through choppy waves, these manic gulls scream it's okay; take your life give it a shake, gather up all your loose change. I think I'll save suicide for another year." Kind of like, get over it, move on and be strong. Anyway, this is the most grammatically incorrect comment I've ever left and probably the longest. Hope it makes more sense!

You put the best Wolf Parade song ever in this one. I really enjoyed it, but I'm really curious what a midnight organ fight is or why a person might partake in one.