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Classical Eargasm


Instrumental classical music to study and sleep to, including mostly film scores, so I tried to make sure they're all wordless. I'll appreciate input if something's not, or if it's too energetic.

It's the only playlist of mine that doesn't have a song title in the playlist name because I'm completely obsessed with all the tracks, and eargasm is the only way to really describe it.

**Updated 3/26

19 tracks
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Hi :) just to let you know that the song Remains of the Day by Elfman has words in it and really breaks the stream of beautiful instrumental music this playlist provides :) the rest is amazing!

@juliette.belanger6 I agree! I'm sure it would be fine at the end of the playlist , but in the middle of the playlist, I had to skip the song just to keep my workflow up :)

This is great! It helped me concentrate on my work really well~ I actually managed to write an entire essay in under an hour!