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Endless Summer

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Romanian house, euro pop, euro dance, and whatever else you like to call it, with a fun summer vibe. There's not much bass or deep beats, and some songs aren't in English.

**Updated 3/27

  • Ya-BB by 19-Play-&-Win
  • The A La Menthe (Instrumental) by Besi Shala
  • Sexy thing by David Deejay & Dony
  • Drums (feat. Lys) by AlexunderBase
  • INNA by Inna
  • Efuge Efuge by Stelios Kazantzidis
  • Mattyas Ft. Kristina by Secret Love
  • Mi amor by Mattyas
  • Official Vide by Alexunder Base Privacy Love
  • Milkshake (Official Extended Version) by DONY ft. Adena
10 tracks
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