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Awesome. I really enjoy your mixes. Especially this one and photosynthesis -- they both seem to cut right through my fleshy brain to a far deeper place, where wriggly & massive emotions are busy creating tsunamis in my subconscious.

I checked out your website and some of your artwork is smoking hot, kudos on being such a dedicated engine of creation :-) Likewise for the philosophies you embody for yourself (I'm basing this on having read the first few entries under "my face & thoughts"). They have a carefree attitude, but are also self-transformative and purposeful.

Lastly, it makes me giddy with joy to run across a user of psychoactive substances that is more than a mere *abuser* of them. Too many people don't understand (partly because no one taught them) that it's completely possible to use psychedelics in a healthy way that catalyzes your life and personal development. So thanks for setting a good example :-)

~~ much love and goodwill

wow, this is such a wonderful compliment! :) i'm very happy to hear that you enjoy my mixes as well as my artwork. honestly, creating is what i love most, so thank you very much. i am just myself and it makes ME giddy to hear that someone appreciates my philosophies and perspective. i appreciate your words greatly. hope you're having a lovely day/night. sending you love and good vibes~ <3