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yvette nicole.


i make you these playlists all the time. like, all the time. and nine times out of ten i kinda feel like that it wasn't the best. i know to you, it doesn't matter but to me it does, because you deserve the best. i'm making you this playlist because i want you to hear every single song that goes through my head when i think of you. the first playlist i made, consisted of cliche feelings that i felt (and still feel): butterflies, blushy, all that jazz. but our relationship is more than just butterflies and blushes, and i hope this playlist shows you that you're more than just a girlfriend to me. you're my best friend, you're my partner in crime,you're my happiness, you're my pain in the ass, you're everything i can ask for and more. i'm so grateful for you yvette. i am.

15 tracks