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Andy Kershaw Radio Show mix

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first of all: hey, thanx for the andy-kershaw-info!
and about the mix-tape: around my peers we still get around a few good tapes, originals even - to us a punkrock-demotape is worth a shrine :-)
but if you prefer cd, then we still might get to each other. is there any way to get our adresses exchanged safely?

huge greetings

I do not have a tape deck any more, so, sadly it has to be a cd mix, if I made cd 80 mins long, it could be transferred to tape by you. If you contact me at wurzel51@yahoo.co.uk we can swap adresses privately. I am going away this weekend so will answer your e-mail next week.
Kindest Regards....Jake

man, i just have to ask: would you put a mix tape together for me? I'd be thrilled to have one of your mixes on an actual tape, if you want to we could exchange.. reply PLEASE

Hi luiauswb
A mixtape? Hope you mean a mix cd :-). Could be done, maybe exchange 1 each. Glad you like the Andy Kershaw Radio Show mix. Andy Kershaw was a BBC presenter who used to have a very popular radio show in the uk playing an eclectic mix of stuff from around the world. Sadly, due to his personal issues, he dissapeared from the airways for a few years. I am glad to say that he is back broadcasting but alas not with the same show. Andy Kershaw has turned me onto so much great music, a true hero of music, maybe I'll do another mix dedicated to his old show. Come to think of it & another Punk mix too.
Yours in sound...Jake