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Bitch Mix

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Mix for Allison Ivy

  • Learnin' the Blues by Ella Fitzgerald & Louis Armstrong
    Sometimes it hard to find the words to say. I'll go ahead and say them anyway. Forget your balls and grow a pair of tits. It's hard, it's hard, it's hard out here for a bitch
    My persuasion. Can build a nation. Endless power. With our love we can devour. You'll do anything for me. Who run the world? GIRLS
  • Take A Hint by Victorious Cast feat. Victoria Justice & Elizabeth Gillies
    Get your hands off my hips, 'fore I'll punch you in the lips Stop your staring at my... Hey! Take a hint, take a hint No you can't buy me a drink, let me tell you what I think I think you could use a mint Take a hint, take a hint
  • All Men Are Pigs by Studio Killers
    My logic will prevail So shut up, nightingale This is no fairytale: every single male That I've met 'til this day had a curly tail
  • - In Apartment 23 Theme by Katie Hampton - Don't Trust The B -
    I'm not perfect and i'm no snitch But i can tell you she's a bitch I would not trust her, if I could no, no, no she's just no good
  • Diamonds by Rihanna
    I found the one he changed my life But was it me that changed And he just happened to come at the right time I'm supposed to be in love But I'm not mugging
  • Primadonna (Mark Reihill Bootleg Edit) by Marina & The Diamonds
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