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{MYSTIC} you'll teach me & I'll teach you


On a winter's morning, you venture out to explore, but the weather turns on you and soon enough you're lost in a whiteout blizzard, hoping to find any landmark anything to lead you to safety. An overhang becomes the mouth of a cave, and you wander further inside, enticed by the warm thermals emanating from it, yet here lurk dangers, too. After defeating your assailants, you find the way out, the evening calm, and the setting sun glittering on the pristine snow all around you. Time to head on home and get warm again...

20 tracks
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I legit thought the chanting on the Game of Thrones track was a mashup with a choir rendition of the Pokemon theme song. ... I think that says a lot about how many of these mixes I've listened to today. Anyway - really enjoyed the ambience of this mix. Very chill, very mystic feeling!