Jalicia Lewis
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If You're A Bibliophile pt. 3


bibliophile: A Lover Of Books.
One Who Likes To Read and Collect Books

Part 3 of my If you're a Bibliophile series. If you'd like a similar playlist with only the instrumental let me know in the comments.

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4 comments on If You're A Bibliophile pt. 3

There is something quite beautiful about this playlist and how it is so different from all the other ones. I absolutely love it. Your music taste makes me cry because it's so good.

@Judy_ju30 Awwww thanks my music taste i very unique I'm glad you love it... I've recently found some similar music that I really love... should I add it to this or make a no.4 playlist? what do you think.

This playlist is awesome! it really does relax me and I feel like I'm in my favorite coffee shop in Portland reading my books and drinking hot chocolate. It is especially fitting for late nights or soft rainy days. Excellent selections!