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{INSTINCT} a heart so true


As dusk falls, the sky clouds over and in the distance you hear the rumble of thunder. A sharp, cold patter of rain is your only warning before the storm descends, raging and violent. You run, seeking safety and shelter, feet slipping in the ever-deepening mud. You're too far out to reach a town, and you're drenched and cold. The wind howls and steals your breath, but up ahead you find a cabin aglow with the surest signs of inhabitants. A battle ensues and you both agree to cooperate and settle down to weather the storm peacefully with each other. Sleep is hard to come by, and someone has to keep the fire going. As the rain drizzles off and the clouds break up, the sun peeks fresh and glittering over the edge of the land, and a new day begins...

20 tracks
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