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Eat My Dream vol. 2


Playlist aimed to fit the more sugary sweet and happy side of Birg. These are. probably some things he'd listen to.

note how much of a weeb he is.

  • Love Shuttle by Waterflame
  • SHOW BY ROCK!! 【プラズマジカ】 Can't Stop DAISUKI !! by Ene Nomura
  • I Loved You by Vacuum
  • オトナになるって難しい!!! by スマイレージ
  • 05 My Dream , My Melody (for PLATFOR by Nick Eveleigh
  • Drones (Coloris) by xSheMusic
  • Precure Medly 2010 by PreCure All Stars DX2
  • Kimi-iro (Full) by Saenai heroine no sodate-kata OP
  • Up in My Jam (All of a Sudden) by Kubbi
  • Tamura Yukari by Koi no Hime Hime Pettanko (anime)
  • Motto! Ojamajo DoReMi theme by MagicalPitchMewWinx
  • GOKORO) [mashup] / B'z by 恋心(KOI
12 tracks
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